Zero Waste
For Zero Emissions

International ZW Cities Conference

Zero Waste challenges the “take-make-waste” mode, focusing on collective responsibility and waste prevention. To date, more than 25 cities across the Asia-Pacific region have established Zero Waste models, showcasing innovations in source separation, organics management, materials recovery, EPR policies, and plastic regulation.

The 2023 International Zero Waste Cities Conference will gather government officials and zero waste practitioners to discuss the zero waste approach, particularly in relation to zero waste and the climate under this year’s theme: Zero Waste for Zero Emissions.

Zero Waste Festival

A repository of all events, highlight IZWCC, used for ZW month, add calendar of ZW events in the region

Zero Waste Film Festival

A festival of documentary films created by GAIA AP members

Refuse Single-Use

It is a coordinated day of youth actions addressing governments and businesses to refuse the use of single-use plastics for the future of people and planet.