JAN 9: Daily Recap

IZWM at a glance: Here’s what happened today!

Today, as part of its ongoing engagement in Plastics Treaty negotiations, Health Care Without Harm has underscored several key points, including the need to center health in discussions about plastic pollution, advocate for no exemptions for healthcare products and the sector, support comprehensive detoxification of plastics, promote transparency in revealing chemical content, encourage incentives for sustainable product redesign, and advocate for robust extended producer responsibility. In line with the International Zero Waste Month Celebration, the organization has launched a series of activities for the Heal Without Waste #ChooseReuse campaign, which includes a social media initiative, a campaign caravan in three cities in the Philippines, and a video campaign from the health sector.

Dietplastik Indonesia and Global Alliance for Incinerator Alternatives (GAIA) Asia Pacific are planning a Reuse Tour in Indonesia, aiming to share knowledge, and experiences, and build stronger partnerships for implementing reuse solutions.

  • Chai Pe Charcha (Focus Group Discussion) with Cleanup (India)

Today, the Waste Warriors Society conducted the “Chai pe Charcha” event, an open forum discussion that brought the community together to address issues related to plastic, waste, and pollution. The event went beyond just problem identification, aiming to foster a sense of ownership and encourage community-driven solutions. Participants were introduced to the “Paryavaran Sakhis” model for solid waste management, which involves local women from various villages collecting and segregating waste for recycling. Additionally, the community engaged in a cleanup drive, collecting waste from their surroundings to further the cause of environmental stewardship.

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