JAN 10: Daily Recap

IZWM at a glance: Here’s what happened today!

The power of data: How cities and communities can achieve Zero Waste through WABA (Philippines)

Mother Earth Foundation conducted an event today that focused on conducting a Waste Assessment and Brand Audit (WABA) to identify opportunities to minimize waste and improve sustainability. The WABA procedure involves assessing waste generation and analyzing brands that contribute the most to our waste problems. This extensive analysis supports the development of strategic waste management techniques. The activity also included a social media campaign promoting public awareness of the importance of WABA in Zero Waste Management and promoting the WABA toolkit to communities interested in conducting their WABAs.


Roadmap to Zero Waste Ahmedabad – Current situation and Way ahead (India)

Paryavaran Mitra conducted a stakeholders’ consultation event today to discuss the current situation of implementation as per the roadmap to zero waste Ahmedabad document prepared by Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation. The event aimed to create awareness about the zero waste pathway for the city among stakeholders.


Youth Empowerment Camp for Sustainable Future (Bangladesh)Today, the Environment and Social Development Organization (ESDO) held its “Youth Empowerment Camp for Sustainable Future,” an event aimed at educating and empowering 60 students from Dhaka and Rangpur during Refuse Single Use Week. The camp provided a comprehensive understanding of the challenges posed by single-use plastics through educational sessions, informative booklets, posters, and presentations. Participants engaged in interactive sessions and practical exercises, such as designing alternatives to single-use items, organizing community clean-up drives, and participating in recycling initiatives, to encourage community-driven solutions and empower them to be change-makers in their communities.

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