JAN 11: Daily Recap

IZWM at a glance: Here’s what happened today!

Reuse Conference (Indonesia)

The Reuse Conference 2024 mounted by Dietplastik Indonesia focused on various aspects of plastic waste management, emphasizing the importance of reuse systems in combating the problem of single-use plastic waste. Key speakers, including Rosa Vivien Ratnawati from the Ministry of Environment and Forestry of Indonesia and Asep Kuswanto from Jakarta’s Environmental Agency, discussed the implementation and benefits of single-use plastics ban and expansion of reuse systems in Jakarta. Other talks highlighted the role of reuse protocols and standards in creating sustainable reuse systems, with particular attention to safety and hygiene standards. The conference also explored the challenges and strategies for spreading reuse systems in the business sector and throughout Indonesia, emphasizing the potential of reuse systems in small islands and their environmental and social impact.

Youth Zero Waste Bootcamp (Indonesia)

In honor of Zero Waste Month in January 2024, PPLH Bali held the Zero Waste Youth Bootcamp themed “Bali Ajeg: Bali Tempo Doeloe Sing Ada Lulu.” The event, aimed at supporting the enforcement of Governor’s Regulations Number 97/2018 and Number 47/2019, focused on reducing single-use plastic waste and promoting source-based waste management in Bali Province. The bootcamp targeted high school students in Denpasar City, emphasizing their vital role as change agents and future stewards of the Earth. PPLH Bali underscored the importance of youth involvement, particularly those lacking an understanding of local wisdom in nature conservation, and invited the younger generation to understand and adopt KemBali Ajeg.

Beyond the Label: Brand Accountability for Plastic Waste (Nigeria)

In today’s event by the Environmental Rights Action / Friends of the Earth, the Zero Waste Ambassadors engaged in a radio discussion across three Nigerian cities: Benin City, Uyo, and Yenagua. The conversation revolved around the crucial role of brands in tackling plastic pollution. The panelists, comprising the Zero Waste Ambassadors, scrutinized the environmental repercussions of current packaging methods, revealed the findings of the recently concluded ERA/FoEN brand audit, and discussed the Return to Sender Action against the top polluting brands. They also encouraged individuals to take conscious, informed actions to effect positive change in their everyday activities. The discussion further delved into the issues of plastic waste accountability, aiming to inspire a collective dedication towards a cleaner, greener, and zero waste future.

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