JAN 15, 2024: Daily Recap 

IZWM at a glance: Here’s what happened today!

Bottle Barter in Bangkok (Thailand)

The Bottle Free Seas (BFS) project of Environmental Justice Foundation conducted the “Bottle Barter” activity at project water refill stations in Bangkok today. The activity invites Bangkok residents to dust off their forgotten reusable bottles and cups and let them find new purpose in the hands of those who seek a greener path. The purpose of the event is to encourage people to carry reusable bottle without buying the new one to reduce plastic bottle waste.


Transforming Tomorrow: Celebrating ESWM Success Stories and Unveiling the City of San Juan Project (Philippines)

From 13-19 January, Mother Earth Foundation is conducting the event Transforming Tomorrow: Celebrating ESWM Success Stories and Unveiling the City of San Juan Project. This event aims to showcase the remarkable achievements in Ecological Solid Waste Management (ESWM) of the partner cities and communities and the exciting launch of the City of San Juan ESWM Project. Through the event, attendees were able to hear success stories from  other individuals and organizations spearheading Zero Waste initiatives and network with other Zero Waste implementers. 


Sharing knowledge of alternatives to plastic use (China)

From 13-23 January, Green Camel Bell is conducting an event that aims to share knowledge and raise awareness regarding alternative materials to plastic and the ecological and health impacts of plastic pollution, especially  in rural areas. As part of the event, Green Camel plans to distribute their case study on plastic reduction measures in Japan and highlight methods that can work in China. Lastly, in Gansu township, a community-based activity will be held to promote concept of zero waste villages. 


Documentary Showcasing on ESDO’s Initiative of Zero Waste Village (ZWV) (Bangladesh)

The Environment and Social Development Organization (ESDO) organized the  event “Documentary Showcasing on ESDO’s Initiative of Zero Waste Village (ZWV)” on 15 January. The event aimed to educate and engage the community, particularly the youth of Tushvandar, Lalmonirhat in the Rangpur Division, on adopting a Zero Waste Lifestyle and enhancing their capacity to address plastic pollution. The event featured a documentary showcasing the Zero Waste Village, along with a workshop on combating plastic pollution. A total of 50 participants actively took part in the event

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