JAN 13, 2024: Daily Recap 

IZWM at a glance: Here’s what happened today!

Eco Fest 2.0 (Malaysia)

Zero Waste Earth Store commenced the celebration of Eco Fest 2.0 today, 13 January. Eco Fest 2.0 is an event filled with various activities aimed at raising awareness and showcasing Zero Waste solutions. The event  includes the following activities: waste-to-cash recycling booth where attendees can exchange their waste for cash vouchers or coffee vouchers, an eco-friendly walkathon, upcycling workshops, coloring competition,  and a market filled with sustainable products from local businesses. 


Zero Waste: Eco-Revival Movement (Nepal)

As part of their Eco-Revival Movement event, Clean Up Nepal conducted a series of clean-up events in different locations aimed to transform public spaces and ignite a nationwide movement towards environmental stewardship. The organization invited  local communities and students to participate in the event. The  Eco-Revival Movement event also featured engaging workshops and awareness sessions with the goal of informing participants about the effects of waste and encouraging them to make the shift towards sustainable living.

Amlig Kalibutan (Philippines)

Launched today, 13 January, Amlig Kalibutan: Navigating Paths to a Zero Waste Future is a dynamic set of events encompassing talks, presentations, and interactive interviews. The initiative aims to spotlight and celebrate individuals from diverse backgrounds who have emerged as influential contributors to sustainability and zero-waste endeavors. By delving into their personal narratives, innovative solutions, and the challenges they have encountered, the series seeks to inspire and empower a broader audience to embark on their own journeys towards a zero-waste lifestyle.


Kitchen Garden – Make a Flower and Vegetable Garden from Kitchen Waste (Indonesia)

Organized by ECOTON, these environmentally-aware students carry organic waste from their homes to the educational institution in an inspiring collaboration between home and school. They have equipped mothers’ groups with specialized trash bins to facilitate this process, turning waste management into a seamless and organized practice. The initiative spans two elementary schools, engaging 30 enthusiastic students (15 from each school) in this impactful movement.



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